Pres Aquino’s satisfaction ratings rise, defying ‘naysayers’

By , on October 11, 2014

President Benigno Simeon Aquino III delivers his speech during United Nation Climate Change Summit held at the UN Headquarters here on Tuesday (September 23). (Photo by Ryan Lim / Malacanang Photo Bureau)
President Benigno  Aquino III  (Photo by Ryan Lim / Malacanang Photo Bureau)

His “bosses” have continued showing trust in him; and for this, the President says he is grateful and encouraged to work harder.

On Friday, President Benigno Aquino III expressed his thanks to the Filipino people who gave him positive marks in the most recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, which showed that his net satisfaction rating has recovered after taking a dive in June.

Conducted from Sept. 26 to 29, the SWS survey likewise reflected significant improvements in Aquino’s approval ratings across all geographic areas; among these, the urban poor locations.

A Pulse Asia survey conducted from Sept. 8 to 15, however, showed that 62-percent of Filipinos are not in favor of amending the Constitution to allow Aquino to seek a second term in office in the 2016 presidential elections. Aquino remained unfazed, and voiced his confidence that he still maintains a high trust rating despite the results of the Pulsa Asia survey.

Making reference to the 38- percent who are in favor of amending the Constitution, Aquino said: “I am not saying that I want to extend my term. But let’s talk about the numbers. When I won in 2010, I got 42 percent of the votes cast. It is not far from the 38 percent [who want Charter change.”

The President stressed that he was not “laying the groundwork” for constitutional amendments enabling him to seek a second term: “They might say I’m laying the groundwork. I am still the servant of my bosses and they will tell me what should be the case. Perhaps we should even go beyond 2016 to 2022.”

He added that his administration is being very cautious about making these changes, allowing for a term extension due to the possible risk factors.

“[President Ferdinand] Marcos had two terms and pushed for a parliamentary [system]. We have to consider that. Will the risk be that great? I am not a dictator so I want to consult the public,” he said.

According to the latest SWS survey, 59-percent of respondents were satisfied with the President, while 25-percent were dissatisfied. This translates to a net satisfaction rating (satisfied minus dissatisfied) of plus-34, which is ranked by the SWS as “good”.

This is an improvement from June’s plus-25 rating, which merits a rank of “moderate.” The june ranking was the President’s lowest-ever since he started his term in 2010.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte told members of the press that these latest ratings show that Aquino has defied his “naysayers.”

“The professional naysayers and predictors of doom will perhaps find it inconvenient that their predictions of a trend have not materialized. President Aquino’s ratings remain historically high compared to the same period of other administrations, Valte said”

“Surveys are snapshots of a political landscape at a certain time and accordingly fluctuate. The more accurate measure of government performance is the number of people who are empowered to take advantage of new and better opportunities,” she added.