Scuffle between Brits and BGC guards caught on video; goes viral

By , on October 2, 2014

A video taken by a passerby and uploaded to YouTube showing a group of security guards forcibly restraining two foreigners has gone viral.

The guards, part of the security team of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig, were responding to a call from one of their female colleagues who had gotten into a confrontation with the two foreigners after she reprimanded them for skateboarding on the streets; an activity which is prohibited in BGC’s public areas.

Charges of malicious mischief and slight physical injury have been filed against the foreigners, who were identified as British nationals Sam Reynolds and Christopher Edwards.

Senior Insp. Charry Deseo said that initial investigation by Taguig City police revealed that a female BGC guard had admonished the two Britons for skateboarding on 28th Street. The men proceeded to insult her, after which a heated argument ensued. The men then allegedly shoved the female guard, prompting her to call for help.

Another guard reportedly tried to confiscate the skateboard, and was allegedly punched by one of the foreigners. A scuffle between the guards and the foreigners followed, which resulted in the latter claiming that they were manhandled.

Bonifacio Estate Services Corp. issued a statement on Facebook as follows:


Reynolds checked himself into a Taguig hospital after allegedly having been mauled by the guards.  Both Reynolds and Edwards plan to file a counter-lawsuit.