Malacanang announces regular holiday on October 6

By , on September 17, 2014


In observance of the Muslim holiday, Eidul Adha, Malacanang has declared October 6, Monday, a regular holiday.

Presidential Proclamation 875 recognizes the significance of Eidul Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), which is one of two of Islam’s greatest feasts.

As detailed in the proclamation, October 6 was declared a holiday upon the recommendation of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF); whereas the festival date was determined by the proclamation of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body.

The declaration comes on the heels of the submission of the first draft of the Bangsamoro Law, which details the peace deal and political separation between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Eidul Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his eldest son Ismail upon God’s command.

The Department of Labor and Employment stipulates the following rules governing pay for regular holidays:

•An employee who does not work on regular holidays is still entitled to 100 percent of his or her regular daily rate, “provided he or she was present, or was on leave with pay on the workday immediately preceding the holiday.”

• An employee who works on a regular holiday that also falls on his or her rest day is entitled to 200 percent of the daily rate for the first eight hours and an additional 30 percent for additional hours.