James Yap back from holiday in Italy

By , on September 16, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of James Yap
Photo: Facebook Page of James Yap

MANILA — Basketball star James Yap and girlfriend Mic Cazzola are back from their almost two month vacation in Cazzola’s hometown, Italy.

Cazzola shared that the trip definitely strengthened their bond. One of the most memorable moments of her vacation with her beau is their trip to Sicily.

“During our vacation, I learned that James and I love to do the same things. We love to eat, visit different sights, and long road trips,” said Cazzola.

She added, “[My family] appreciated James’ good manners. Given that both Filipinos and Italians are hospitable, religious, and family oriented.”

When asked where she and James would hold their wedding, Cazzola said that she wants to get hitched in Italy and in the Philippines.