Gabby Eigenmann – Still coping with loss of dad

By , on September 13, 2014

Photo from Mark Gil's biography on
Photo from Mark Gil’s biography on

MANILA — It has been two weeks, perhaps the longest weeks for Gabby Eigenmann, the son of the late Mark Gil who died on September 1.

When asked about how he feels, Eigenmann replied, “Still coping.”

He added,” There are days when I feel that everything is okay. But there are nights that I still cry because I can’t help but miss my dad.”

Eigenmann also shared that he is taking each day as an opportunity to move on from the loss of their family. Thinking about happy thoughts, and how his dad is now in a better place together with God and all his angels definitely helps.

“The only thing that keeps me going and the whole family also are the memories that he left behind. All those memories are all we have,” said Eigenmann.

Eigenmann recalled how his dad prepared them for what might happen to him. Apparently, Gil asked them to accept his fate and to move on with their lives happily.  This paved the way for them to move on in peace.