Boy Abunda talks about hospitalization

By , on September 9, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of Boy Abunda
Photo: Facebook Page of Boy Abunda

MANILA —  TV host Boy Abunda opens up about his recent hospitalization.

Abunda shared in “The Buzz” last Sunday that everything started out with a mild fever. Until eventually, he felt his body gave up on him.

“Then I had severe headaches. According to the nurses and to everybody who were with me that time, I had convulsions. I also experienced chills and I was biting my tongue and gnashing my teeth. I was also biting my lips to the point that they bled,” shared Abunda.

Doctors later found out abscesses in his liver and suggested for Abunda to go under surgery.

“The doctors were able to get 300 ml of abscesses from my liver,” Abunda revealed.

While he was discharged from the hospital last August 23, he requested for time off from their business unit head.

“Louie (Andrada) told me to take my time, restore, and recover. He also advised me to eat healthy food like vegetables,” shared Abunda. “He also told me to come back whenever I’m ready.”

When asked about how he is feeling so far, Abunda said that he is on his way to a “joyful, great recovery.”

“Right now, I think my health has been restored to about 90 percent. I am starting to gain weight. Although, I feel side stitches whenever I laugh, cry, or move,” he said.

Abunda admitted that what happened to him served as a wake-up call given that he has been compromising his health because of work.

“One of my doctors said, ‘You know Boy, for many years, you’ve been running too fast. You thought you were invincible, you thought you were Iron Man. God is just making you realize that you cannot do everything,” shared Abunda.

His main concern, however, was his mother since he cannot imagine her suffering if something really bad happens to him. He recalled praying and begging the Lord to take care of him.

“I told Lord to restore my health given that I will not be able to take it if my mother will bury me,” said Abunda.