Lawyer vows to reclaim China-occupied territories

By , on September 8, 2014

Wikipedia Photo
Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – A self-proclaimed commander of the United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East (USAFFE) vowed to reclaim the territories in the West Philippine Sea, that are now occupied by China.

“The last days of my life will be devoted to retaking occupied Philippine territories,” Lawyer Ely Pamatong said in an interview for the Philippine Star.

Pamatong spoke to the Philippine Star, from his base in Arayat, Pampanga, through a telephone interview.

The lawyer also said that he tried negotiating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in order to allow his supposed paramilitary group to perform a successful retake of the occupied territories.

He added, however, that they were not allowed to go to the disputed islands.

Despite this, Pamatong insisted that he has a group of men capable of taking over the lands from the Chinese.

Meanwhile, Pamatong denied allegations that the leadership of the group is involved in the plotting of the failed bombings in Metro Manila.

“They were framed up,” he said referring to the three USSAFFE members arrested by the police.

Lawyer Oliver Lozano , counsel for the detained bombing suspects Grandeur Geurrero, Emmanuel San Pedro and Sonny Yohanon, revealed in the same Philippine Star also defended the accused saying that the bombing was part of a plan to justify the declaration of marital law.