3 hold woman against her will, beat her for hours at southern Alberta farm

By on August 22, 2014


LETHBRIDGE, Alta.—An 18-year-old woman is recovering after allegedly being held against her will and assaulted for several hours at a farm in southern Alberta.

Police say the victim went for a drive with another woman and was taken to a farm outside Lethbridge.

The pair was joined by two other women and the three beat the victim over several hours and then driven back to the city.

The woman has extensive, but non life-threatening injuries.

Police say this was not a random incident.

Two women have been arrested and charged and a warrant has been issued for a third woman.

Samantha Rose Ann Oldenburger, 24, and Chanel Leece Umperville, 19, both of Coalhurst, are facing several charges, including kidnapping, unlawful confinement and assault causing bodily harm.

A warrant has been issued for Cherise Gail Bruno, 22, of Lethbridge.

Police say this was not a random incident.