Trillanes pushes bill granting Pres. Aquino emergency powers to solve energy crisis

By on July 20, 2014

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. Photo courtesy of Trillanes' Facebook page.
Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. Photo courtesy of Trillanes’ Facebook page.

MANILA — Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on Sunday pushed for the passage of his bill granting President Benigno S. Aquino III emergency powers to specifically address the power supply shortage besetting some parts of the country.

”The emergency powers for the President is to speed up the process in the granting of clearances to establish power plants,” Trillanes said in pushing his Senate Bill 2054 giving the President emergency powers to put a semblance of order in the power industry.

Trillanes said under the present system, an energy investor needs to get more than 100 signatures before a power plant can be established in the country.

”It takes two years to get permit and clearances and over 100 signatures are needed. This (bill) will shortcut the process,” Trillanes said.

The proposed law will also require the use of underground cables instead of power posts which are being damaged during strong typhoons.

”In modern countries, they use underground cables instead of power posts. It reduces accidents and problems every time typhoon strikes,” he said.

Several areas are still experiencing rotating brownouts due to the repair of the power posts and lines damaged by the recent typhoon “Glenda.”

Trillanes said there are a lot of energy companies willing to put up power plants but a complicated system makes it difficult for them to invest in the power sector.

”They have already identified sites where they can put up coal-fired power plants. They are ready to go but the problem is our system,” Trillanes said.

Trillanes said the support of Malacanang is needed for his bill to hurdle both the Senate and the House of Representatives.