New advocacy group formed

By on July 15, 2014


The Tapsilog (FilCan Network for Truth & Justice) is a new B.C. movement founded on June 5, 2014, by conscientious individuals who will touch on sensitive issues not normally tackled by the community.

Head convenor and spokesperson is Freddie Bagunu, who is assisted by among others, Remie delos Reyes, Domeng Bagunu, Puring Salazar, Amado Mercado, Ed Tapia, Roger Albay, Debit Garcia, Gloria Lorenzo, Nene Gimena, Rose Taruc, MannyNoel Abuel, Virginia Archie.

Two hot issues

Following the need for a group to tackle serious issues in the Philippines, the movement chose two hot issues, namely, the China incursions of the west Philippine sea and the Philippines’ plunder/poverty/good governance issues.

Though the group believes that this is a long-shot struggle, it firmly believes that somehow, people should take these issues head on. The movement can do its part to raise public awareness through the use of social and traditional media, peaceful assembly/rallies, town meetings, seminars, petition signing, among others. In this way, the movement complements diplomatic and other lawful negotiations underway.

Prayer rally held

The Tapsilog, in coordination with the Vietnamese Neighborhood Association and the Filipino Seniors Club of B.C. held a successful prayer rally on June 19, in front of the China Consulate located at 3380 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. On this day, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, was likewise honored on the occasion of his 153rd birthday celebration.

Upcoming activities

July 19 — A bigger prayer rally will be held in front of the China Consulate from 12 noon to 2 p.m., in coordination with the Vietnamese Neighborhood Association, the Vietnamese Consulate, the Filipino Seniors Club of B.C. and the Philippine Construction Society of B.C. They expect a larger number of protesters to join and to heighten the pressure via public opinion and awareness. They will call also for the massive boycott of China’s products.

July 26 – The Tapsilog will hold a consultative meeting at 2 p.m., with its 459 member-supporters at 5294 Imperial St. (near Royal Oak), Burnaby, B.C. Agenda includes the two hot issues, organizational set-up, plans, and others.

Leadership philosophy

In leading any organizational endeavor (whether in civic, business, church, sports/cultural, non-profit, etc.), the Tapsilog leadership believes that the fundamental platform of governance must be one based on service, love and humility, and not on fame, power or greed. In accord with Rev. John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”