President Aquino, not exempt from spam texts

By , on June 27, 2014

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MANILA – Spam texts – both a nuisance and nuance of today’s world of modern marketing. From mall sales to condo open house viewings, to the latest craze or promo, we all fall victim to marketing messages via text messaging.

Even the President.

At real-estate mogul and developer Megaworld’s Silver Tie Gala in celebration of their 25th anniversary held on Wednesday night, Aquino joked the company’s head-honcho, Andrew Tan, about marketing messages he receives on his mobile phone

“Whenever I see Dr. Andrew Tan, I always compliment him on the efficacy of his marketing staff. They never fail to send me at least two text messages inviting me to purchase one of their condominiums [laughter] on a weekly basis [laughter], and this is after I have changed my number,” Aquino said in his speech.

Aquino however also said, “Of course, he always responds to this by reminding me: ‘Sir, I never give your number to anybody.’ And I am sure that he never has. But truly, having seen the integrity and rigor with which Dr. Tan has managed his companies over the past decades, all these potential investments are certainly appealing. Perhaps after 2016, when I can have a job in the private sector again—which will be about 2017—I will finally be able to reply to your marketing staff.”

In his speech, Aquino likewise paid tribute to Megaworld’s success and to their contribution to the economy.