PTT Philippines bidding for SLEX service area gas stations

By , on June 26, 2014

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Wikipedia Photo

BALANGA — After bagging the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) contract, PTT Philippines is bidding for the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) service area station on a long-term lease contract’

PTT Phils. President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Khun Wisarn Chawalitanon at the Bataan People’s Center in Balanga during the Environmental Protection & Climate Change: What’s the Real Score Event Wednesday, that the SCTEX project is abig project but they are also interested in the SLEX.

”In the Philippines , actually I gave the target before that we’ll have 15 stations every year, but this year we’re going to hit it, really big project in the SCTEX. But now we’re looking into the SLEX service area. We have one area in the SLEX but we’re still negotiating,” Chawalitanon said.

He also expressed optimism in landing the other expressway service area contract.

”So when you go to the south or to the north, you’ll see our presentation there,” Chawalitanon added.

The PTT executive also pointed out that they have changed their target to 200 gas stations in the country from the earlier projection of 150 gas stations.

However, PTT Philippines Public Relations Manager Vittaya Viboonterawud told the Philippines News Agency that the company is expecting to complete the 150 stations in the next five years.

PTT has 73 gas stations in the country mostly in Central Luzon and Cebu.

Moreover, PTT Philippines said that the company will open its Platinum Station in Lucena this July. It is patterned after the PTT theme park gas stations in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Chawalitanon said that some 1,000 persons are expected to participate in the PTT tree planting activity in here on Saturday.

The Thai oil firm has been transacting with the premier gas stations in the country before it built its own stations.