Erap bears ‘no hard feelings’ for Noy over Jinggoy’s detention

By , on June 24, 2014

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada / Facebook photo
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada / Facebook photo

MANILA — After his son, Jinggoy Estrada’s arrest, former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said he bears no grudge toward President Aquino for his son’s detention.

“No hard feelings,” Estrada said during an interview with GMA news.

Estrada was asked if he resented the administration for his son’s indictment because of his alleged involvement in the pork barrel scam.

Estrada said that the case with his son is the latest of a series of actions taken against his family.

Estrada was also convicted of plunder six before he  was ousted as the country’s president and was replaced by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The Manila Mayor  cited the case of his nephew, unseated Laguna governor Emilio Ramon “ER” Ejercito, who was accused of overspending during last election’s campaign.

He also cited Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito Estrada who was also named among the list of lawyers involved in the pork barrel scam.

Though he bears no hatred against the president, Estrada said he felt that his family is being singled out by the government.