At least 62 dead in deadliest boat tragedy in Red Sea this year

By on June 7, 2014

Red Sea / Wikipedia Photo
Red Sea / Wikipedia Photo

UNITED NATIONS– The United Nations refugee agency on Friday said that 62 people are confirmed to have died when their boat sank while trying to cross the Red Sea from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, making it the deadliest sinking accident this year.

“We are still seeking information, but it is now confirmed that a boat carrying 60 people from Somalia and Ethiopia and two Yemeni crew sank last Saturday in the Red Sea,” said Adrian Edwards, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “The tragedy is the largest single loss of life this year of migrants and refugees attempting to reach Yemen via the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.”

The victims were reportedly buried by local residents after their bodies washed ashore in Yemen’s Al Jadeed area.

The tragedy followed previous three incidents in January, March and April, bringing the known total of deaths at sea of people trying to reach Yemen to at least 121 so far this year.

“UNHCR strongly believes that every life counts and is working to prevent the alarming loss of life at sea and indifference to people desperately needing protection,” said Edwards.

UNHCR stands ready to support Yemen in these activities, along with other measures to boost the protection system in the region. The agency has documented the arrival of 16,500 refugees and migrants on the Yemeni coast during the first four months of the year, significantly less than the 35,000 received in the same period last year.

Over the past five years, more than half a million people, mainly Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans, have crossed the dangerous waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea to reach Yemen.

According to UNHCR, boats are overcrowded and smugglers have reportedly thrown passengers overboard to prevent capsizing or avoid detection. Search and rescue officials said that the practice has resulted in hundreds of undocumented casualties in recent years.