Accused says he did not rape or drug woman at New Year’s Eve party

By on June 6, 2014

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REGINA—One of two men on trial for sexually assaulting a woman says she was the one who initiated intercourse.

Farouk Sadiq took the stand in his own defence Thursday, saying he didn’t rape anybody.

The complainant, who was 20 years old at the time, told court she believes she was drugged at a bar after taking a shot of alcohol, and was in and out of consciousness all night.

She testified at one point she awoke in pain and said “stop” but was told to “shut up.”

Sadiq, who was 27 at the time, testified he met the woman when a group of their friends gathered for a New Year’s Eve celebration, adding she danced with him and kissed him.

Sadiq said at no point did he give the complainant a drink or see anyone else give her a drink.

He testified he was not aware that his co-accused, Butchang Nkem, had sex with the complainant.

Court has heard that Nkem’s DNA was found after an exam was done on the woman.

Sadiq insisted the woman was awake the entire time and appeared to be enjoying herself, adding she told him she hoped he didn’t think she was promiscuous.

A former friend of the complainant has testified they were both pretty drunk and had snorted cocaine at the party.

The witness recalled that later, her former friend described being in pain and saying she thought she had fallen asleep during sex. Although the witness said her former friend didn’t say she was raped, that’s what she assumed the woman was telling her at the time.