Canada, Britain back int’l arbitration over territorial disputes

By , on June 5, 2014

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MANILA — British and Canadian Ambassadors expressed support of the country’s decision to seek international arbitration over maritime disputes in the South China Sea.

In a report for the Philippine Star, Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder said that “it’s a legitimate right of the government of the Philippines to pursue that avenue.”

“We think that that’s the right approach,” he added.

British Ambassador Asir Ahmad earlier said that Britain will “not support any kind of escalation,” adding that they always opposed provocative acts in the West Philippine Sea and South China Sea. 

With the US and Austrailia condemning China’s hostile acts in the South China Sea, Ahmad also added that his country’s position “is not dissimilar to Australia and the US in many respects.”

“Nobody objects to a country equipping itself to defend itself. In this modern day and age, the last thing we expect or even desire is the situation where classic conflict between nations over borders reappears. We have hard won peace in this region. Nobody wants to go back to the legacy of war,” Ahmad said.

With reports from Philippine Star