Aquino says traffic jam sign of booming economy

By , on June 4, 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III delivers his speech during the launching of the Bohol Fabrication Laboratory (FABLAB) Shared Service Facility Project and the 1st FABLAB Asian Network Boot Camp and Conference at the Bohol Island State University (BISU) in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on Friday (May 02). (Photo by Benhur Arcayan/ Malacañang Photo Bureau)
President Benigno S. Aquino III delivers his speech during the launching of the Bohol Fabrication Laboratory (FABLAB) Shared Service Facility Project and the 1st FABLAB Asian Network Boot Camp and Conference at the Bohol Island State University (BISU) in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on Friday (May 02). (Photo by Benhur Arcayan/ Malacañang Photo Bureau)

MANILA – President Benigno S. Aquino III downplays the country’s traffic problems saying it’s better to face the heavy gridlock in EDSA than to have a dismal economic activity.

Everyday, thousands of people endures horrible traffic situation along EDSA. But Aquino said during a visit in Cebu that traffic congestion along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare is a sign of a booming economy.

“Maganda na siguro ang problema na binabanggit na ma-trapik sa EDSA, tama po yan, dahil marami ang nasa kalsada, buhay na buhay ang ating economiya kaysa naman walang trapik sa EDSAa dahil wala ng makabili ng gasolina na patakbuhin ang kanyang sasakyan,” the President said.

(The heavy traffic on EDSA is a better problem, that’s right, because many vehicles are on the road because the economy is doing well. Having no traffic on EDSA, on the other hand, means nobody can buy gasoline for their cars)

But the heavy traffic in EDSA is not the only problem that the administration needs to urgently resolve.

Aquino also welcomes the challenge of coming up a better plan to address the peso-dollar exchange rates.

Last Tuesday, the peso, which is considered the best performing currency in Asia, surged against dollar at 40.57.

“We can sell peso bonds which have actually been oversubscribed. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, however, has asked us to issue dollar bonds to help temper the fluctuation of the exchange rate,” the President said in Filipino.

Despite these challenges, Aquino emphasized the positive changes which resulted from the reforms initiated during his term and called on the people’s continued support in his administration.

With reports from Manila Bulletin

  • mdc

    ano utak meron ka PNOY, can you explain, how?addle brained idiot!

    • jamaica

      ikaw ang sira ang utak di mo na intindihan anong klase utak ka din? utak aso ka kc..

      • mdc

        you are a zombie, a YELLOW sure wala ka ring utak,,,hahahahah…you are one of PNOYs advocate, a DEVI’s ADVOCATE…bobo!you’re President thinks like a GRADE 1, like you..

  • Arshxd

    Okay, first he announces congested ports as a sign of booming economy, now this? What’s next? High Crime Rates sign of booming economy? Fuck this shit, it’s a sign of poor governance thanks to public officials prioritizing personal interest over the development of the country.

  • mdc

    how about the crime rate, especially the rape cases..inutil ka PNOY..puros ka salita!

  • falcon

    saan naman nanggaling yung idea na sign ng booming economy and traffic jam??? grabe… tsk tsk tsk….

    • James

      more people are able to afford cars
      more people have cars causing traffic

  • cheese

    this just proves that, sometimes, too much optimism is stupid. -__-

  • Eli Ingles

    Traffic is a sign of in efficiency and incompetence to cope up with progress.

  • Guest

    What the Capital F is he saying? traffic congestion is not a sign of economic boom…it’s a sign of incompetence in the government in finding solution to the problem and in coping up with progress….your so-called booming economy is stuck…even at the roads it is stuck….where is he getting all these nonsense info? is he even hearing right from the Bosses in his head? …and he still believe people have enough money to buy gasoline because they are still riding their vehicles…..they are forced to buy expensive gasoline rather than food for their families….hoping that the gasoline they’ve bought would get longer mileage to earn enough for the day…’s the only money they have….and they are stuck….now this tops it all….i strongly believe and nominate that next time…pls next time….there should be a psychiatric assessment and entrance examination before someone even dare thinks of running for presidency…..there should be a bill for this. 6 years is too long for a BAD president.

  • lml

    Matagal ng problema ang traffic sa EDSA. Bakit ngayon lang naging “sign of good economy” yan? Eh nung mga nakaraang taon at dekada traffic na talaga dyan, masasabi bang “booming” ang ekonomiya noon hanggang ngayon?

  • pinkberry

    What the _ _ _ _ is that stupid remarks..
    Does he know the basics in Economic System?
    Gosh, does he know the basic mathematics?
    Does he know how to compute the amount of fuel being burnt on congested traffic everyday?
    Plus the wasted time which supposedly spent wisely in working effectively and yo call-it “BOOMING ECONOMY?”
    Gosh even the simplest “balot” vendor can sum it up..tsk tsk

    Worst, billions of our taxes were spent to infrastructures are wasted in fixing the roads but just after a strong rain and flood, u’ll see them washed out..and you call-it “booming” economy..lols

    I travel almost everyday and its really devastating to see the road filled with damn traffic jams, thieves and even crimes…
    Oftentimes I witnessed children on the streets begging for food,some climbed up jeepneys and pretended to be beggars but actually are snatchers.

    Just today, a saw a child running towards a moving jeepney and opened one of the passengers backpack.. I was confused, to open my window to shout and help the student but the child might have fallen down from the moving jeepney I was following..

    P-NOY, do you see this everyday? Your bosses are suffering!
    Children are dying from hunger and crimes.
    Criminals and rapist have no FEARS anymore.
    You are playing dumb, deaf and blinded with power.
    I am afraid to wait for another 2 years under your Presidency.
    Four years is no longer a joke to say that you are still learning the ropes of your position being the President. WAKE UP or STEP DOWN!

    • Baho PoeWet

      sabi ni Jr. Tulo sau = Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
      Fi-fingeran daw nya anus mo araw-araw para sumaya buhay mo….. – LoL

  • challenger

    To all the Pnoy HATERS and BASHERS:

    So what’s YOUR solution? Do you even have a suggestion based on your presumed expertise?

    I challenge you to run for office or volunteer and serve the public. Let’s see if you can do better. Show us you have the answers.

    If every one of you were to apply yourselves towards the problem, perhaps they will all be solved in the next 6 years.

    But you won’t because HATERS and BASHERS never do anything constructive or positive. All you’re good at is bitching, complaining and pointing out the obvious problem, and blaming them on government.

    FYI, WE are the government. We ARE the Bosses. And sometimes the bosses have to roll up their sleeves and do the work themselves. So take the challenge. Be a pro-active part of our progress. If not, STFU, bitches!

    • pinkberry

      asan na boss mo mo na mandarambong at mandaraya?
      Ngayon siguro nagsisisi na kayo sa kalapastangang ginawa ng Pangulo nyong hinirang na yan..DUTERTE will take over soon and be afraid of his investigations…

  • Irvin Siobal

    at least hindi sya naghahanap ng sisisihin ngayon..

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