Alleged rape victim Roxanne Cabañero confronts Vhong Navarro

By , on May 31, 2014

Vhong Navarro / Wikipedia Photo
Vhong Navarro / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — After having been confronted earlier by an old woman who introduced herself as Denice Cornejo’s grandmother, Vhong Navarro encountered another confrontation — this time with Roxanne Cabañero who appeared and caused a brief commotion at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office.

Cabañero, was among the three women who filed a rape complaint against Navarro, including Denice Cornejo and Margarita “Mai” Fajardo.

Navarro was at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office for the preliminary investigation of the third rape case filed against him by Fajardo.

Though she was not involved in the complaint, Cabañero appeared at the prosecutor’s office and cornered Navarro who was on his way to the elevator.

Cabañero, who was trying to push through a number of guards surrounding Navarro, shouted at the actor and started verbally confronting him. However, Cabañero failed to get near him because there were bodyguards protecting Navarro. The frustrated Cabañero tried throwing her sunglasses at the actor, instead.

“Vhong, sagutin mo ang ginawa mo sa akin! (Vhong, pay for what you did to me!)” she said.

Cabañero explained that she went to the prosecutor’s office to confront Navarro after his failure to attend the hearing of the case she filed against him. Cabañero, who refused to answer questions from the media, was seen crying as she walks out of the prosecutor’s office.