Kris likes James’ girlfriend

By on May 9, 2014

bimby yap

Kris Aquino expressed that she likes Jame’s Yap’s girlfriend because she treats her son Bimby well. Photo from the Facebook Page of Bimby Yap.


In the May 8 episode of “Kris TV,” Kris Aquino expressed that she likes Michela Cazzola, the girlfriend of her former husband James Yap.

The TV host-actress shared that Michela made an effort on Bimby’s (Kris Aquino’s son with James Yap) birthday.

“In fairness to her, naghanda siya (she prepared.)Cute ng mga gifts niya for Bimb. ( He has cute gifts for Bimb.) I like her na. I like her. At least she’s good to my son,” she said.

“A for effort. The fact that she has gifts for you, I like her. And alam niya kung ano ang mga gusto ni Bimb. ( And she knows what Bimb likes.) Alam niya na (She knows that) Bimb likes yung softdrink na starts with letter S and blue yung favorite color niya,” Kris explained.

Aquino added that the Michela, James and Bimby had a Japanese dinner.


With report from Yahoo! Philippines