Kris Aquino gets negative comments from netizens for Spider-Man interview

By on April 29, 2014

kris aquino

Photo: Facebook Page of Kris Aquino


Some netizens were not pleased with the way Kris Aquino interviewedAndrew Garfield, the lead character in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Kris’ controversial statements to Garfield were, “Our movie holds the record for the highest first-day gross. It’s called “My Little bosses. It’s a comedy shown on Christmas day. My Little Bossings’ in the Philippines beat that of “Spider-Man’s.”

Aquino received negative comments on Twitter. Netizens believe that Aquino should have not just uttered those statements.

Prior to the actual interview, Kris told the Spider-Man star that she watched Spider-Man 1, but her son Bimby revealed to Garfield that his mom fell asleep while watching the movie.

“I’ve been watching at home and sorry, I’ve been working non-stop. I’m going to die. But I saw the part-2. They showed me 30 minutes,” Kris explained.

Before the end of the interview, the TV host-actress gave praises to Spider-Man 2.

“I saw the scenes and I was blown away. I am so much in awe, maybe because the love story is so much clearer and I am a girl. So I got it so much more I love the Times Square scene. I think it defines what happens between you and Max, from idolizing you to suddenly being an enemy,” she said.