SC declares RH Law constitutional; votes 11-4

By , on April 8, 2014

SC ruling. Photo courtesy of @PHLNewsOnline on Twitter / Screenshot by Ching Dee
SC ruling. Photo courtesy of @PHLNewsOnline on Twitter / Screenshot by Ching Dee


BAGUIO CITY – After the long wait, the Supreme Court declared that the Republic Act No. 10354 or Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (RH Law) is NOT unconstitutional with a vote of 11-4.

Theodore Te made the announcement in the Supreme Court Compound in Baguio City, as RH Law supporters and contenders await outside.

One of the items declared as unconstitutional was Section 7 (Access to Family Planning), which states that “all accredited public health facilities shall provide a full range of modern family planning methods, which shall also include medical consultations, supplies and necessary and reasonable procedures for poor and marginalized couples having infertility issues who desire to have children.”

The same section also claims that medical institutions “shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to another health facility which is conveniently accessible.”

According to Section 7, all people shall be given access and due information about family planning, whether natural or artificial, depending on their personal preference. Minors must present a written consent from their guardians or parents to gain access to family planning methods.

Some provisions from Section 17 and Section 23 were also nullified by the Supreme Court.

RH Law supporters celebrated despite some provisions help unconstitutional. For them, the declaration of constitutionality was a huge move in itself.

Meanwhile, members of the Catholic Church says they respect the decision of the Court, but they will not back down from upholding their beliefs.

As standard legal procedure, petitioners have 15 days to file for a motion of reconsideration.

The full text of the SC decision is not yet available, but will be sent to the media as soon as ready, said Theodore Te.

With report from Solar News Philippines, ABS-CBN News, GMA News Online and GMA News TV (live coverage)