Jose Manalo refutes that he abandoned his children

By , on March 16, 2014


Photo: Facebook Page of Jose Manalo

“He is providing, and will continue to provide his children such support to the best of his ability,” an excerpt from Jose Manalo’s statement in response to the rumors that one of his daughters tried to commit suicide because he stopped giving financial support to his family.

The 48-year-old host-comedian also mentioned in his statement that he has allowed TAPE, Inc., the talent management company in charge of his showbiz career to remit money directly to his children’s respective schools.


Manalo and wife 
In the same statement, the “Eat Bulaga” mainstay expressed that his relationship with wife Annalyn is not the same again.

“Jose’s relationship with his wife has been beset by difficult challenges arising from several civil and criminal cases filed against them by third persons, for transactions amounting to more than Sixty-Eight Million Pesos (P68,000,000.00), which were entered into by Anna Lyn and deplorably dragging Jose with her,” the statement said.

Manalo stressed that he and his wife are responsible for supporting their family.

“It is rather truly saddening that Anna Lyn has resorted to such measures and allowed this to happen, and even made public statements as regards the condition of their children,” the statement added.

Appeal to wife

The host-comedian appealed to his wife to be “logical and reasonable, and refrain from making further acts that would undoubtedly prejudice the well-being, self-worth and dignity of their children.”

He also asked the public to give them some privacy so they can resolve the issue themselves.