Dalhousie University offers $500 reward for anyone who fingers washroom vandal

By on February 7, 2014

HALIFAX—Students at Dalhousie University in Halifax are being offered a $500 reward if they help identify whoever is responsible for ripping some sinks off a wall in a dorm washroom.

Zane Robison, executive director of Student Life at Dalhousie, says more than $3,000 in damage was done in a men’s room inside Henderson Hall in the early morning hours of Jan. 26.

He says Henderson Hall has about 100 male and female students, about half of which are age 18.

The timing of the vandalism added to the high cost of making the repair, which Robinson says had to be done immediately.

He says the type of damage is rare and that’s one of the reasons the university is offering a reward.

Robison says any students who wish to seek the reward can remain anonymous.

The choice to offer a reward was arrived at in collaboration with the school’s housing department.