James Yap still barred from visiting his son

By , on November 6, 2013

Photo: Facebook Page of James Yap
Photo: Facebook Page of James Yap

James Yap is happy with his present relationship with Italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola. Reports said that he even brought Cazzola to his hometown in Escalante, Negros Occidental during the long All Saints’ Day weekend.

But as for Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Yap’s legal counsel, her client’s happiness is not yet complete as he was not still given the chance to visit Bimby, his son by ex-wife Kris Aquino for quite some time now.

Kapunan explained that four months after a Makati court laid down the terms of her client’s visitation rights, Kris, still, has not been allowing James to visit or spend time with Bimby.

She said that they may file a complaint if Kris continues to resist James’ request to visit their son. Kapunan appealed to Kris to follow what was agreed upon in court.

Meanwhile, Kris’ lawyer, Atty. Sigfried Fortun quickly refuted Atty. Kapunan’s claim, “The court order on visitation requires James to fetch Bimby in his residence. Kris has been waiting for James to tell her what time he is fetching their son. She has received no messages from James to this effect. Kris is compliant with all court orders relating to visitation and she has no intention of violating those or depriving James of his right to be with his son.”

But the dilemma here is due to a permanent protection order against James. He is still prohibited from visiting Kris’ residence.