How do experts survive Fashion Week?

By , on October 2, 2013

Photo from the Facebook Page of Canada-Philippine Fashion Week
Photo from the Facebook Page of Canada-Philippine Fashion Week

Packing a month’s worth of fashion events in one week—making sure that all aspects of the show are covered and almost flawless—would make anyone frenzied. All artists, editors, stylists, designers and models collectively want to create a masterpiece out of Fashion Week. So, how do they deal with the demanding chore ahead of them?

Kate Becker

Beauty editor Katie Becker of W Magazine said, “Fashion week is one part glamour and nine parts stress.”

But definitely, she’s not letting stress get to her. Despite having a “crazy backstage schedule”, she manages to project a fashion editor-ish look at all times in the simplest but most effective way she knows—taking good care of her skin, and yup, nothing else.

Bobbi Brown

First and foremost an American makeup guru, Bobbi Brown, who has just launched his Fashion Week Fall 2013 collection in the United States, also confessed that preparations for Fashion week have always been overwhelming.

Late nights of brainstorming sessions with models and designers to make sure that models have that picture-perfect look is always a heck of a responsibility, but he survives these through a few tricks up his sleeve:

      Have healthy snacks and water (in a reusable container) before and during a fashion event.
      His iPhone. Capturing runway moments on his phone and posting it as it happens is truly gratifying for him.
      Hand sanitizers and fresh mint always come in handy (makes him ready to meet and greet people).
      Concealers. “Yellow-based concealers are designed to lighten darkness under your eyes,” he discloses.
      Moisturizer. For Bobby Brown, choosing the right one is on top of his skin regimen.
What is in Rachel Zoe's bag during Fashion week?
What is in Rachel Zoe’s bag during Fashion week?
Rachel Zoe

As a stylist, editor and designer, Rachel Zoe has a slightly more daunting role to play in the Fall 2013 Fashion week. But she said that as long as she keeps the some must-carry stuff in her bag, she will survive: “In the Montana tote from my own collection, I typically have a few Kind fruit and nut bars, a pack of Tatcha face blotters, lipstick, compact, and a luminizing concealer—perfect for on-the-go touch ups from the office to dinner.”

What sets her mood going to the Fashion Week is “a decaf Americano with a drop of organic half and half”. She says, “It’s the perfect drink with my granola, berries and Greek yogurt.”

Before finally acting out her roles, she spends time with her son and husband by watching movies with them.

“Don’t stress it, refresh it,” is her mantra.


You during Fashion Week

Designer or model or not, if you want to get into the spirit of fashion week (you do), you will need to prepare. Pop Sugar Fashion Editor Hannah Weil has these tips:

Have a dress rehearsal. It is a must to choose and scrutinize the wardrobe that you’ll wear. Chances are your leopard pants might not complement the top that you’ve previously chosen. Weil says that she has seen that happen many times.

She suggests playing dress-up also to ensure that your wardrobe is free from malfunction. Shoes are especially important—it can break or make your outfit (literally). And breaking the heels of your shoes in the middle of the event isn’t cool.

Weil advises wearing your shoes a few days before the event. Apply the proper break-in protocol, that is, “stretch them out by wearing with chunky socks and icing the insides of both heels.”

Neat and stylish nails are also important, since it gives anyone a “put-together” feel even if seated among elegantly styled celebrities.

List your itineraries for the day. Make sure that you know the complete line-up of activities for Fashion Week (can’t miss Veejay Floresca or Kaye Morales!)

Connect with your dear friends, especially those who are near the venue of the event. You’ll never know when you might need a place where you can stay for the meantime.

When faced with stressors on the day, Weil has these quick solutions for you.

Can’t find your name on the list. While it’s definitely a shocker, don’t let it show please. Project a smile. Make sure that it appears genuine (though we all know that it’s not okay). But you have to rise to the occasion; there’s no room for bitterness. Tell the organizer that it’s okay as you have another event to attend. Don’t forget to say thank you, even if you’re not thankful.

The epic fall. If you experience the epic fall, do remember that a fall is a preamble to a rise. But, of course, you should rise with conviction, that is, right away (think Miriam Quiambao).

Fashion editors say that a model falling on the runway is common in numerous fashion events and actually makes a model more popular (fashion columnists and bloggers will definitely feature and sometimes sensationalize those falls). Not sure about guests, though.

Similar outfits. Weil said, “If someone was wearing the same outfit as me, I would feel sorry for them. I dress very much to please and amuse myself. I’m more like Snooki. I’m one of those people who don’t expect people to copy them.”

Prove your counterpart that you look better, sorry.

A growling tummy. Fashion shows serve cocktails—only cocktails—so please do not attempt to skip dinner. Fainting is not an option.

Think you are ready and prepared to hit the runway and rub elbows with giant celebrities and style icons? You betcha.

“Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak”—Rachel Zoe