Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil admit breakup

By , on July 27, 2013

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Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil, through a press release released by the ALV Talent Circuit, the agency that manages the career of the two stars, quietly admitted their breakup.

The statement reads:

On behalf of our artists, Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil, we are greatly saddened by their admission that they have indeed mutually agreed to end their relationship of more than 4 years. With due respect to their privacy, we are refraining for (sic) issuing any other facts or statements related to the issue at this critical juncture.

It was cleared that no third party is involved. It would be recalled that Billy Crawford was once linked to sexy star Bangs Garcia, but this was immediately denied by the then couple.

Last Sunday, Nikki Gil, the 25-year-old “ASAP” mainstay, was reportedly emotional at the dressing room of the noontime show. Meanwhile, Billy Crawford is still seen hosting “It’s Showtime.”

Many were shocked upon hearing the news as the two were very vocal about their love for each other. In an interview with Nikki Gil last January, she seemed so sure that Billy is the man she would want to marry in the near future, “Parang in terms of, kumbaga, checklist, check na check lahat. Mga 98 over 100 siguro.”

(In terms of a checklist, all items are checked. His grade: about 98 over 100).

While Crawford, also in a previous interview said “(he) couldn’t ask for more” in their relationship. “Hindi naman siya perfect… wala namang relationship na perfect, but it’s more than perfect for me.”