TNT Boys eliminated from ‘The World’s Best’

By , on March 8, 2019

FILE: “Ready to raise our flag once again on The World’s Best CBS! This is for you 🇵🇭! #TWBTNTBOYS #WorldsBest” (Photo: @thetntboys/Instagram)

Filipino boy group TNT Boys, also known as ‘The Big Shot Trio,’ comprised of Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion, officially bow out of American talent competition “The World’s Best” after failing to make it to the finals.

In the most recent episode aired live last Wednesday, March 6, the TNT Boys faced acapella group Naturally 7 and Vonnie Lopez & The High Praise Choir for the group music championships, performing their rendition of “Flashlight” by British singer Jessie J for judges actress Drew Barrymore, singer Faith Hill, and RuPaul Charles.

As a response to their performance, Barrymore told the boys, “There is no flaw in one note. When you have a show called ‘World’s Best’ that’s a very high bar to set, and you guys just reach it every time, if not surpass it.”

Yet, unfortunately, the young singers received an average of only 49 points from both the panel of judges and the 50 experts of ‘wall of the world’, placing them eight points behind Naturally 7, who performed “Fix You” by Coldplay. Naturally 7 took home $50,000 for winning the top spot in their division and will face the show’s other competitors during the championship next week.

As they exited, host James Corden reminded the young Filipino singers of the TNT Boys, “every single person who has watched you perform on this show, you have moved them and changed them and this is the start of an incredible journey.”

Soon after the episode aired, “The World’s Best” posted on their social media an opportunity for viewers to vote for their ‘fan favorite,’ or their “favorite act of the night,” which some netizens are speculating is another chance for the boys to be a wildcard pick into the finals

Besides ‘The World’s Best,’ the TNT Boys have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry through Philippine show “Your Face Sounds Familiar,” where they impersonated artists like Destiny’s Child, The Bee Gees, and The Supremes. They also performed on “Little Big Shots” in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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