Korina Sanchez, Mar Roxas welcome twins to their family

By , on February 22, 2019

“Did you ever think it could still happen for me? I never stopped believing.” (Photo: @korina/Instagram)

Senatorial Candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas II and “Rated K” journalist/host Korina Sanchez have announced the arrival of their first children together born via surrogacy.

The 54-year-old celebrity and 61-year-old politician posted the news on their social media pages last Thursday, February 21, captioning a photo of the baby’s feet, “I think if you believe hard enough, the miracle you most want can come true. Announcing the arrival of our little boy and little girl.”

Korina adds, “We’re thinking of names. Any suggestions? Jack and Jill? Sonny and Cher? MariKor and KoriMar? Daniel and Kathryn? Did you ever think it could still happen for me? I never stopped believing.”

The couple tells the media, “The little boy arrived first at 5 pounds 4 ounces and one and a half hours later, his fraternal twin sister arrived at 4 pounds 12 ounces. They are both perfectly healthy.” They add in Filipino, “Finally, what we’ve long been praying for is finally here. We thought it wouldn’t happen. After years of working on our baby project, this is the miracle from heaven,” concluding, “We cherish this moment and thank God for His grace of allowing us to complete our family. The mother is really caring to feed the baby every two hours, while the doting father remains speechless.” The entire family is currently in Pennsylvania for privacy.

Korina only hinted that they are expecting a couple of days ago, posting a photo holding baby gifts at a store.

Korina and Mar initially tied the knot last October 2009. Mar has a 25-year-old son named Paolo with former beauty queen Maricar Zaldarriaga. The couple has previously expressed their desire to have a baby together, Korina telling Ricky Lo last year that, “Mar and I are taking this ‘project’ seriously and we are working hard at it.”

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