Wil speaks about rumored GF Alodia

By , on February 7, 2018

(Photo: Wilodia/Facebook)
However, the cosplayer became an important figure in his journey to battle his illness (Photo: Wilodia/Facebook)

Two famous online personalities have been drawing the netizens’ eyes to them, spawning more question marks and speculations. Now cancer-free, Wil Dasovich finally speaks out. Is Wilodia a thing?

Famous vlogger Wil and the Philippines’ queen of cosplay and vlogger Alodia Gosiengfiao – fondly called by fans as ‘Wilodia’ – are continuously surrounded by ‘kilig’ vibes as they tease their fans on the real score between them. It seems that a lot of times that Wil pushed the upload button to his Youtube channel, he also got used to purposely creating clickbaits, usually involving the vagueness of their relationship.

In an interview with ANC, Wil was smiling when asked if he took his relationship with Alodia to the next level, answering with a “Yeah, definitely.”

However, he also revealed that it was unknown to many people that he knew Alodia for just a few months before he was diagnosed with cancer. However, the cosplayer became an important figure in his journey to battle his illness.

“She’s a very busy girl. She makes a healthy amount of money and she loves what she’s doing, but she really dropped most of everything and she spent the majority of the last six months here with me, taking care of me through chemotherapy,” he added.

For the 25-year-old vlogger, the emotions filling him are beyond words.

“She was just my rock. She makes me emotional just thinking about it. The way I feel about her is—I can’t put into words at the moment,” he confessed.

However, Wil dropped a hint for the upcoming heart’s day.

“Wait for Valentine’s Day. Wait for the Valentine’s Day special and you might see something official or what not,” he uttered.

Wil and Alodia started making noise when the female vlogger flew to the United States shortly after he announced his cancer diagnosis.

Their common friend Nico Bolzico posted on his Instagram in September that the two were a couple, which he later apologized for, saying that he assumed.

“It’s what I assumed, but it’s pretty obvious they love each other and it’s pretty obvious Wil will propose soon. Bolzico out!” Nico said in another story.