‘Anti-climactic’: Antoinette Jadaone on a project

By , on January 22, 2018

Antonette Jadaone (Photo by @tonetjadaone/Twitter)
Antonette Jadaone (Photo by @tonetjadaone/Twitter)

Is shooting the #foolishmovie a foolish move now?

Fans are quick to react to filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone’s cryptic tweet on Sunday, followed by a blog on Monday using the hashtag #foolishmovie – associated to a project of the reel to real life couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre, also known as JaDine.

In her tweet, Jadaone expressed disappointment and a hint of indifference in a cancelled shoot, “Woke up to know pack up ang shoot bigla (that it was suddenly a pack up in the shoot). Now what to do today? Pwede bang ngayon na lang gig ni Ebe (Can we just have Ebe’s gig today) huhuhu,” she tweeted.

On her blog entitled “Anti-climactic,” Jadaone was referring to a film she did not specify.

“Filming for #foolishmovie is becoming erratic. Sayang, andun na ang momentum eh (It is a shame, the momentum was already there),” Jadaone began her blog.

“More and more shooting days cancelled – some reasons more heartbreaking than others, so heartbreaking they me cry. Or maybe I am just being overly dramatic, or that’s just really how I value pelikula (film),” she added.

The hashtag #foolishmovie was what Jadaone previously used on blog posts referring to the JaDine movie before getting its official title, “Never Not Love You.”

The filmmaker who has worked with Jadine on teleseryes “On the Wings of Love” and “’Til I Met You,” continued that she is only worried.

“I hope I sustain my excitement for as long as I can. I know myself too well – I work better when I am excited, when I am inspired. Lord, grant me patience. I pray for this movie. I pray for myself too,” she wrote.

For the meantime, also written on the her blog, Jadaone said she is considering on possibly working on her other projects: Project Boldstar or Project Soulmate.

While Jadaone did not mention JaDine or specifically their project, fans on Twitter were already asking her to be patient with the couple.

As of writing, Viva Films, producer of the movie, have yet to release a statement on the speculations.