In Honor of Our Brothers Food Sharing Flash Mob

By on January 9, 2018

Food Sharing Flash Mob (Facebook photo)
Food Sharing Flash Mob (Facebook photo)


A message of the event host:

For this special event, I simply wanted honor my bro., and bring frybread out to the streets but realized it would be more helpful to open it up to friends and families, allies in your area of Turtle Island to do the same! Post photos
In honor of our loved ones who have lost a brother, son, father, cousin… let’s gather together, or in your area, make some food or frybread, collect some gloves and toques to bring out into an area where they will be greatly appreciated. Giving to all out there.

For my family, we loved my beloved brother Jim Bob and I know he would so love the idea of feeding the people because he was always so generous. He was used to work as a roofer tarrer, and later in life went back to school to become a chef which he loved.

We do have the march for women on Feb 14, and I really want to honor our men on this day. Thank you for your understanding.
With much respect, inviting drummers to come out to share your beautiful songs to bring good medicine to the people.

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