Roque to conduct press cons in Marawi

By , on December 22, 2017

Incoming presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that he is planning to hold a weekly press conference in Marawi City.

Visiting Marawi City on Wednesdays and meeting press groups on Fridays are part of his plans as he believes that it is an act of bringing the government closer to the people.

“It’s an innovation that I thought of because the rebuilding is soon to begin and I think the people should know exactly what’s happening on the ground,” Roque said.

“I want to bring Malacañang to areas where, you know, attention should be devoted,” he added.

With this kind of set up, he said his availability for interviews at the Palace might not be regular that’s why he thought of hiring a millennial to become his deputy spokesman.

“Number one, I want a millennial. Number two, I want someone better looking  — than me so that the women will fall in love with him and I want someone who speaks better than me,” he said.

Moreover, according to him, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered him to remain honest and “do what is right for the country.”