Chief Justice claims lawyer Gadon committed perjury multiple times

By , on December 22, 2017

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno slammed Lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon accusing him of rendering acts of perjury in coming up with the impeachment complaint filed against her.

Confident that her conscience is clear, Sereno said in an interview with ANC that facing the impeachment rap isn’t that hard since she is only going to continue telling the truth and that the ones having complicated lives now are her detractors.

“I think Attorney Gadon will have many problems arising from the fact that he has perjured himself multiple times. That is a major problem that he has,” Sereno said.

Sereno disproved Gadon’s accusation that she was paid P37 million when she represented the Philippine International Airport Terminals Co. (PIATCO) in a case on the construction of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal III, saying that the amount she got was only P30.3 million.

She stressed that errors in Gadon’s accusation is already an indication of a perjurious statement.

She also mentioned Gadon’s accusation that she didn’t pay correct taxes, questioning where he got that information, when according to her, she paid P8.67 million out of the P30.3 million which amounts to 32 percent of the taxable income.

She stressed why in the first place Gadon knows how much she is earning and how much she is paying in her income taxes, adding that such information are highly confidential.

Sereno said, “So on many counts, those points are actually perjurious because I don’t know him at all. I never met him, so I don’t know where he’ll come up with all those allegations about my life when I haven’t even met him a single moment.”