Vice Ganda talks about suicide attempt

By , on December 18, 2017

(Photo: @praybeytbenjamin/Instagram)
Vice revealed that his mother always reminded him of her love for her that was why bullying did not really affect him back then (Photo: @praybeytbenjamin/Instagram)

Filling in the job of someone who occupies the stage and makes sure each and everyone of the audience smiles and laughs, who would have thought that one of the funniest comedians like Vice Ganda has thought of ending his life?

While it is no secret that he has been through different struggles in his early life involving his sexuality and poverty, this stage on his life was something he shared to public television as well during his episode in Maalala mo Kaya (MMK), and during his gratitude speech two years ago.

On Saturday, the dreadful topic of suicide once again reaches the audience’s ears as a contestant in It’s Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan opens about battling depression.

Makoto Inoue, a Filipino-Japanese revealed that suicide rates in Japan are quite high and it was his family and his Filipino blood that helped him get through it all.

’Yung suicide, [is a] super bad idea. Alam mo ba, na nagpakamatay din ako (You know, I tried committing suicide as well),” Vice confessed.

Though he and his co-host in the segment Vhong Navarro were making jest, Vice’s reply was different from his usual remarks of poking fun on serious topics.

Vice revealed that his mother always reminded him of her love for him that was why bullying did not really affect him back then.

“Sixteen years old nag-try akong mag-suicide (I was sixteen years old when I tried committing suicide) because of heartbreak,” he continued.

Back in June 2015, after receiving an award for consecutive years, Vice shared a similar story.

“Uminom ako ng kung anu-anong gamot. Muntik na ko mamatay, nagising na lang ako nasa ospital na ko (I drank different kinds of medicine. I almost died, when I woke up, I was in the hospital),” he narrated then.

In both versions of his confession, Vice was consistent in saying that it was stupid decision and that he was thankful that his life did not meet its end at such an early age.

Ngayon ko na-realize ‘yung katangahan kong ‘yon. Kung nagtagumpay ‘yung katangahan kong ‘yon, ‘di sana hindi ko nararanasan ‘yung mga nararanasan ko ngayon, ‘di ba? Eh ‘di sana hindi ko nabigyan ng magandang buhay ‘yung nanay ko (I realize now my stupidity then. If it pushted through, I will not experience the things I am experiencing now, right? I would not have been able to give my mother a good life),” Vice went on.

As the comedian continues to paint all types of smiles on the madlang people, he reminds that the family plays a big role for children especially for those that are a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community.