Imelda once wanted to return 7,000 tons of gold, Atienza says

By , on December 14, 2017

Former Manila City Mayor and present Buhay party-list Representative, Lito Atienza bared a conversation he once had with Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos about the latter’s intention of returning the wealth believed to be allegedly stolen from the Philippine government.

Atienza said, the Ilocos Norte Rep. said, “I’ll liberate the nation from foreign debt.”

Atienza added that during a wedding event they both attended as sponsors, Marcos said that she once wanted to give back as much as 7,000 tons of gold which the family deposited in different parts of the world, hoping that it may help the Philippines in recovering from its vast foreign debts.

Wondering why Imelda Marcos would not push through, Atienza asked her why.
She answered that a ‘superpower’ is hindering her from doing it.

However, Atienza did not mention the name of the ‘superpower’ that Marcos was saying to be interfering in the returning of the gold bars.

Atienza stressed that the investigation and prosecution should no longer take place because what matters is for the Marcoses to release their unexplained wealth.

(DAILY NEWS ROUND UP FOR 08 / 31 / 17)