Robin Padilla bares BB Gandanghari as an Uber driver

By , on December 6, 2017

(Photo: BB. Gandanghari/Facebook)
Though BB is older than Robin, the protective side of him came out (Photo: BB. Gandanghari/Facebook)

After controversies circulated among the family after Rustom Padilla came out as BB Gandanghari, Robin Padilla proved that their relationship just got deeper over time.

In a guesting in Magandang Buhay, Robin was saying that of all the siblings, right now, he shares the closest relationship with BB, despite their distance. After all, BB is in the United States (US).

Nandoon siya sa America, nakikipagsapalaran. Uber driver siya doon (She is venturing in America. She is an Uber driver there),” Robin started saying.

Though BB is older than Robin, the protective side of him came out, since BB as a driver meant that she had to go to different places.

Medyo kinakabahan lang ako dahil syempre America ‘yun. Hindi ko naman kabisado ang mga tao doon (I am just worried because of course, that is America. I do not really know the people there).”

He, however, stressed that BB is doing well abroad now. Nostalgia filled Robin the more they talked, as he reminisced about their childhood days.

Noong mga bata kami, kaming dalawa talaga ‘yung magkasama n’yan. Kaya siguro 80% ng away ko, tungkol sa kanya ‘yun kasi lagi siyang tinutukso noong araw. Syempre kapatid ka, masakit sa tenga mo ‘yun (When we were kids, we really got each other. That is why maybe 80% of my fights are about her since she was often bullied back then. Of course, I am a brother, it hurts to hear those things),” Robin narrated.

He said that even now, nothing has changed between the two of them – except BB’s gender who is a woman now.

What Robin did not know is that nostalgia was sure to envelop him as a surprise video greeting of BB was played in the show.

BB, who was in a car, on her way for an audition, congratulated her brother for his movie’s success.

“I feel nostalgic about the ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’ days. Congratulations to you and Sharon. Tama ang lahat ng naririnig ko because wala kayong kupas (Everything I have been hearing is true, because you guys are still amazing),” BB greeted.

She emphasized that Robin is an icon of the 90s and he should continue it. She also reminded him to invite her to the premier night of the movie in the US.

“Congratulation to you my dear brother. I love you. More to come,” BB added.

Ever since BB came out of the closet back in 2006, her brothers including Robin expressed their rejection of her newly opened identity. When BB said that ‘Rustom was dead’ and that she is BB Gandanghari, their mother also showed her disapproval.

BB, however, was firm in embracing the rainbow blood flowing through her as she continued and pursued her identity. In November last year, BB’s petition to legally change her name and gender was approved.

Robin in an article with Rappler in August last year revealed that he and she may have different choices, preferences, and mindsets, but he has learned to accept and be happy for his now-sister.

Mama ko na lang po ang nananatiling naniniwala na babalik pa si Kuya Rustom. Pero kami, siguro, humor na lang, pero 50 na siya, 49, baka magalit sa akin ‘yun, nasabi ko edad niya. Siguro mahirap na, ‘yun na ‘yun (I think it is only our mom who still believes that our brother Rustom will come back. But for us [siblings], it is just a humor, she is already 50… 49, she might get mad at me for saying her age),” Robin said.