Megastar on Joshlia: Naiinggit ako

By , on November 28, 2017

(Photo: Sharon Cuneta/Facebook)
“They are so nice to watch together. They are so made for each other,”  (Photo: Sharon Cuneta/Facebook)

Sharon Cuneta in a close working relationship with the love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto known as Joshlia, confessed how she felt a sense of jealousy.

“During long breaks, short breaks alam na namin kung paano nagligawan ito. Alam mo ‘yung parang hindi ko akalain na at this age kikiligin ako (we know how these two are affectionate with each other) You know that feeling that you did not think that I will feel their love at this age),” Sharon teased the pair who was right next to her during the grand media launch of their film, “Unexpectedly Yours.”

“Actually, parang ang nangyari, ‘pag nakikita ko sila… naiinggit ako (it is like whenever I see them, I envy them),” the Megastar revealed.

The veteran actress might have teased the two for being in a relationship beyond being in a love team, but refused to give a clear statement. She instead praised the two.

“They are so nice to watch together. They are so made for each other,” she said.

Sharon described Julia as a ‘dream daughter’ and Joshua as ‘hardworking.’

“I am so in love with them, at saka ‘yung values nila ay maganda (and they possess good values),” Sharon said.

She applauded Joshua’s ‘devotion’ for Julia and the way he takes care of her on-screen partner reminded the actress of so many comforting things.

Sharon said that as the youngest of the siblings, she was always taken care of by her parents and her elder brothers and sister. That was why especially in the love department, she seemed like a ‘magnet’ to hurtful things.

Pero naiinggit ako kasi, nakikita ko sa kanila, hindi ko nakikita sa akin noon (But I feel envious because, I can see from them those things I did not see from myself before),” she elaborated.

The Megastar then gave an advice to the two, saying that she really loves them as individuals first before as a pair.

Ang akin lang (For me), it’s one thing to be a love team for public consumption. But, remember, you are two real life human beings, and you have each other,” she told the Joshua and Julia.

In her years in the industry, she learned many things that she wished to impart to the pair. She warned that the life in showbiz can feed artists’ minds with a lot of things and that they should refused these things.

“So focus, it’s the most important, you don’t lose each other,” she said.

Robin Padilla, also gave his own piece of advice, “Sabi nila huwag na huwag kang mabuhay sa nakalipas. Ang tamis ng kasalukuyan ang iyong namnamin at kailan man ay huwag mong problemahin ang kinabukasan (They say that do not let yourself live in the past. Enjoy the sweetness of the present and never mind the future).”

Kung ano ito na meron ka at naranasan mo pa sa kanya, tamisan mo pa nang tamisan (Whatever it is that you have now and are experiencing, make it sweeter),” he added.

“Unexpectedly Yours” stars ex-lovers Sharon and Robin’s return as partners in the big screen. Julia is playing the role of Sharon’s daughter, and Joshua as Robin’s nephew. It is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.