Of transformations: Paolo Ballesteros’ take on his image

By , on November 22, 2017

(Photo: pochoy_29/Instagram)
For Paolo, what makes acting interesting is taking roles different from who really is. (Photo: pochoy_29/Instagram)

Whether it’s a dimple on the right cheek, a large mole near the upper lip, or a set of thick but on-fleek eyebrows, the human mind uses unique trademarks to etch a person’s existence. However, is it actually possible to remember someone who always transforms his appearance into something different? Enter Paolo Ballesteros, a.k.a. “Transformation King.”

This Eat Bulaga host is renowned not only in television but for gracing his Instagram with make-up transformations that caught the attention of not only local celebrities and fans but even recognized globally.

Paolo, who was also known for his role as a transgender in the film “Die Beautiful,” took female roles in the films “Barbi: D’ Wonder Beki” and “Trip Ubusan.” A lot of times in Eat Bulaga, especially in the phenomenon “Kalyeserye,” he was also in a feminine role.

In an article by Push, he was asked if he gets offended by always portraying female roles, to which the actor jokingly answered, “No, hindi naman (Not really). I feel like a woman, charot.”

Mas gusto ko ‘yung ganun, na magpo-portray. Kasi it’s called acting, kailangan may i-act ka otherwise, hindi na siya acting, hindi ka artista (I prefer portrayals. This is why it is called acting, you have to act, otherwise, it is not acting anymore, you are not an actor anymore),” he clarified.

For Paolo, what makes acting interesting is taking roles different from who he really is.

Mas bet ko nga ‘yung mga ganun kaysa mga karakter na normal guy lang (I prefer such roles rather than a normal guy kind of character),” he added.

The Kapuso star’s stunning transformations have landed him in such woman roles.

Some of Paolo’s subjects for his transformations have noticed him including Gal Gadot and Tyra Banks. More than this, international websites like Time, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, MTV, and others was fond of featuring his compilation of many faces.

Old or young, male or female, Paolo’s skill in molding into another person or into someone really different is what sets him apart and is what sets as his trademark.