Anne Curtis tells Nadine’s basher to ‘back off’

By , on October 17, 2017

(Photo: @lustrelegant/Twitter)
Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre side-by-side during the It’s Showtime medley. (Photo: @lustrelegant/Twitter)

Graced with more than nine million followers on her Twitter account and the glamorous and busy life as a celebrity, it is quite acceptable for someone like Anne Curtis-Smith to not entertain all notifications on her social media account. However, one basher is placed into the spotlight as Anne chooses to defend her co-host Nadine Lustre.

Twitter user kaylie @lustrelegant posted a photo of Anne and Nadine singing in It’s Showtime as part of the noontime show’s Magpasikat week opening for its 8th year anniversary. She mentioned Anne and Nadine in her tweet with the hashtag #MagpasikatBiLLyJamesAmy

This was also Nadine’s return to the show after the news of her brother’s passing surfaced.

At first, she chose to keep her lips sealed and only posted a photo of a semi-colon, with the words #KeepGoing during the World Mental Health Day. She was joined by her boyfriend James Reid on sharing the cryptic message.

According to an article by the music channel Myx, Nadine started the trend, and this move ignited other celebrities, fans, then more netizens to join this trend-turned-advocacy. As of writing, Facebook has implemented a #KeepGoing frame that users can use for their display pictures.

After days of silence, Nadine recently posted on her Instagram a message for her brother, followed by a confession that she herself is suffering from depression. Her statements have prompted some internet users to share their stories of depression, anxiety, and their darkest hours. Users have reported that Nadine actually reads and tries her best to reply to all those messages she is receiving.

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As fans celebrate Nadine’s return to the show and admire her strength for going on, a user named queen Kathryn @kathxnielonly replied to the Twitter photo posted “namatayan na nga nagagawa pang mag-inarte na ganyan. advocacy pang keep going ulul #OwnWhoYouAre pa rin without pretentions (She is mourning [her brother’s death] but she still has the guts to put up an act. Her advocacy is ‘keep going’ – my face. #OwnWhoYouAre without pretentions).”

Anne, who was also mentioned in the post could not keep her fingers from tapping. “You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So back off,” Anne tweeted to the thread.

The Twitterverse shifted their attention to the thread. Some praised and thanked Anne for defending Nadine. Some users are pointing out that the account is fake and was made to troll.

As of writing, since Nadine has chosen to deactivate her Twitter account for months now, her fans are safekeeping her username @hellobangsie in case she chooses to come back to the Twitter world.