Keep Going: Nadine and depression

By , on October 13, 2017

(Photo: nadine/Instagram)
 “And to everyone who’s been sharing me stories of weakness… I’m reading. Wait for me… I got you.” (Photo: nadine/Instagram)

Like puzzle pieces afloat, words that used to be unspoken, stories that were never told, and cryptic messages with a clear meaning; Nadine Lustre gives social media a glimpse of what is going on.

Rumors on Nadine’s brother ending his life have been circulating on different websites for days now, after police reports of a certain Isaiah Lustre, lifeless in his room in Quezon City. A certain Ulysses Lustre, the father, chose to dismiss the investigation accepting that it was a suicide case due to depression.

Nadine has maintained her lips sealed in the issue; only a post on Mental Health Awareness Day of a semicolon and words #KeepGoing coming from her account. It was only on Friday in which the Kapamilya actress posted a message to her brother.

On her Instagram account, attaching a photo of her brother, Nadine’s caption talked about her reading his blog entries. “I’m so proud of you. Never knew you had such talent with words. I’m happy to have read all of your entries and discover that you have such a beautiful mind. Excited to read your scripts/stories soon,” it read.

“I want to thank you for teaching everyone a very important lesson. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me braver. I know now that whatever challenge I will have to face, I will be able to pull through because of you,” she continued.

Before ending her message by a birthday greeting, she captioned, “I’m gonna miss your face and miss hearing your corny jokes. I wish you stayed with us longer. I am keeping my promise and we will still travel the world together. No more crying.”

On the same day, Nadine also shared a piece of her mind and what is going through. The It’s Showtime host admitted how she is also battling depression.

“I have days where I’m just sitting in the tub, asking myself a lot of questions, confused. I felt like I was just looking in someone else’s life through a window. Feeling bad ‘cause I am not enough and everything that I do and will do, will never be enough,” part of her post said.

Nadine continued that she had to master the art of hiding, wearing a mask, numbing her lips to put on a smile. And she said that it was not easy. She was, however, thankful for the support that she is blessed with.

“If you ever hit rock bottom, don’t be ashamed of opening up to your loved ones,” she continued.

Nadine’s story melted into an encouragement post, telling its readers to stay strong.

“It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel pain. It’s okay to be vulnerable. We are made to have emotions. Don’t be afraid to let it out. Before you do something you will regret, think about all the great things that you can do in the future, people you will meet and places you travel to, the lives you will touch,” she said.

Nadine confessed that she almost did ‘it’ and that right now, she is thankful that she did not push through. “Stay with us, because life is beautiful. #KeepGoing;” she ended.

Depression is a form of medical illness that affects one’s way of thinking, how one acts, and how one feels. Nadine not only speaks from her experience as an individual who almost succumbed, but she also speaks from the other side of the coin: those who were left.

As of writing, fans have been sending messages to Nadine, sharing their stories. The actress posted on an Instagram story: “And to everyone who’s been sharing me stories of weakness… I’m reading. Wait for me… I got you.”

She has also requested privacy by not posting or reposting photos of her during the funeral.