Daniel Matsunaga is dating who?

By , on October 11, 2017

(Photo: Daniel Matsunaga/Facebook)
Daniel said he wanted to have kids and would not want to have them at an old age. (Photo: Daniel Matsunaga/Facebook)

It has been eight months since Daniel Matsunaga and actress Erich Gonzales’ love story met an end. However, the doors have re-opened for the Brazilian-Japanese actor-model as he starts dating again.

“I’m very happy, focused. I’m kinda dating someone, but let’s see, I’m just praying,” Daniel told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP).

Without dropping any names, he simply said, “Hindi siya Pilipina (She is not a Filipina).”

The 28-year-old came straight with his intention for a more stable future. “For me, it takes time. It takes time to find somebody special and you want to have not just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, ‘di ba (right)?” he said in the same interview.

Daniel said he wanted to have kids and would not want to have them at an old age. “I think 32 is a really good age,” he added.

Looking back, Daniel was asked for his thoughts on the past events that happened to his love life.

“This is showbiz and you just have to get used to it,” he said, emphasizing that the controversies thrown at him then made him stronger as a person.

“Sometimes, there’s a lot fake things going on. There’s a lot of people trying to pull you down. You just have to put everything in God’s hands,” he said in the same interview.

In his interview with ABS-CBN in May, he revealed that he already moved on from his almost-two-year relationship with Erich.

The rumors of the break-up started in January when Erich was reported to unfollow Daniel in her social media account, and when she deleted her photos and posts with her then-boyfriend.

It was in February when PEP interviewed Erich as she confirmed that things are over between the two of them. She clarified that they do not communicate anymore and that she is not friends with her ex-boyfriend.

“It’s true na (that) we’re not together anymore, it’s over,” the actress said.

Erich chose to not disclose any other details apart from that there was no third party. The actress insisted that she just wanted to focus on herself, and move on.