Not Just One: Two celebrity moms welcome new family members in their bellies

By , on September 19, 2017

(Pixabay photo)
Two more bellies are going to be round not because of binge-eating though. (Pixabay photo)

Two more bellies are going to be round not because of binge-eating though, as Sarah Lahbati and Isabelle Daza announce on their respective Instagram accounts their expected newborns.

Sarah on Monday night announced that their ‘little family’ is growing and their Zion is going to be a big brother now. She has also shared that she was suffering from back pains, breakouts, cramps, annoyance, and mood swings. An addition was her cravings for dim sum.

“The silver lining to this craziness is that there’s a healthy baby growing inside of me,” she captioned on her post.

Her fiancée Richard Gutierrez posted some sort of ‘teaser’ on his Instagram account prior to the announcement, then also posted his thankful message after the cat was out of the bag.

“Thank you to my love @sarahlahbati for staying strong and patient despite my hectic schedule, she’s able to take care of me, Zion and our little on the way she’s truly a super mom,” the La Luna Sangre actor said.

On the other side of Instagram, Isabelle also announced the good news.

The first-time-mom wrote, “Three’s a crowd” on a photo of three sneaker pairs, with one pair as significantly smaller.

Isabelle told Preview her story that she thought it was just a hormonal imbalance. Her doctor, Dr. Abe Marinduque advised her to take a pregnancy test (PT).

Initially, Isabelle thought she was ‘clearly not pregnant’ upon seeing one dark line and one faint line on her PT but the doctor told her, ‘Belle, that means you are.”

“So I screamed and called Adrien. He ran upstairs thinking there was a cockroach or something. I had no words. I was just pointing at the pregnancy test. And Adrien was like ‘What is that? I don’t know what that is! Is that a thermometer?’” she said.

Of the multiple roles Isabelle has performed on screen, she says that this role as a mother in real life is something both scary and exciting. Not to mention, one of the challenges is the physical effect pregnancy will do to her body.

“Nausea. And not being able to control what your body is craving for. It’s totally the opposite of what I normally like.”

Isabelle and her husband Adrien Semblat celebrated their first wedding anniversary this September.