Angel Locsin and Neil Arce: The Real Score

By , on September 7, 2017

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce in Aivee Clinic opening (Photo: Angel Locsin/Facebook)
Angel Locsin and Neil Arce in Aivee Clinic opening (Photo: Angel Locsin/Facebook)

Status: No label. “Parang kayo, pero hindi kayo (It is like you two are in a relationship, at the same time, you are not),” Angel Locsin said.

With photos of Angel and Neil Arce always together, it is not questionable for rumors to start spreading about the budding romance between the two. And for an actress like her, question marks will remain popped until her revelation.

In an interview in her press conference for La Luna Sangre, Angel was cornered into answering her status in the love department. She answers that they are trying the no-label-status kind of relationship.

Magulo ba? Ako rin naguguluhan eh (Confusing? I am confused too actually),” she adds jokingly.

Angel admits that it was a bit difficult on her part to explain, but states that she and Neil go out and have fun. She added that they are also not dating anyone apart from each other at the moment, and that they have exchanged the words ‘I love you.’

While they are going out, Angel chose not to ‘claim’ the relationship. “Baka sabihin assumera naman ako (I might be tagged as assuming),” she said

Napag uusapan namin pero siguro mas okay muna na ganito. Barkada kasi kami ‘di ba? Eight years kami magbarkada, so alam namin pinagdaaanan ng isa’t isa (We talked about [the relationship] before, but I guess for now [what we have] is okay. We have been good friends for eight years, so we know the struggles of each,” she clarified.

Angel added that perhaps they are only ‘taking care’ of each other, as they both rely in each other when they face problems and talk about their love lives.

The press noticed how blooming Angel is and asked if she was inspired. “Kapag ‘yung taong sumusuporta sa’yo, alam mong and’yan, very honest, matalino, magaling mag-advice sa buhay, ma-re-relax ka (When a person supports you, when a person is always there for you, very honest, intelligent, and gives great advices in life, you will really be relaxed),” she shared.

Though she prefers to not work with Neil, Angel says that she greatly believes in his talent, not as a friend and not as a person he dates, but just someone who believes.