Privacy for intimacy: James Reid’s comeback on netizen

By , on September 5, 2017

Pay no mind to what the doubters all say I'm a be around forever, always you can bet on it. Bet - Tinashe ♫ (Photo & Caption: Nadine Lustre/Facebook)
Pay no mind to what the doubters all say
I’m a be around forever, always you can bet on it.
Bet – Tinashe ♫
(Photo & Caption: Nadine Lustre/Facebook)

“For so many years, we’ve kissed and hugged for everyone to see on TV and movies,” James Reid chooses to answer a netizen who accused him on cheating on his partner, Nadine Lustre.

Kapamilya reel-to-real couple JaDine, has always been one of the most-talked and most-followed love teams in showbiz as fans celebrate their on-screen and off-screen relationship. But on the other side of fame are controversies which both stars have been shaking off here and there.

Some netizens bashed James for flirting with other girls and not posting images with Nadine on his account, even mentioning the latter’s Instagram account on their comments. They claim that the actor was busy being with other female ‘friends’ and girls he meets in clubs and parties. Instagram user @worldisnotbalance in particular however caught his attention enough to get a reply from him.

Harap-harapan makipaglandian mangbastos mas clingy pa sa iba kesa sa partner ([He flirts in the open, he is clingier [with other girls] than his partner,” the user claimed.

The netizen furthered that James only flaunts Nadine on-camera but does not care about her off-camera, adding that the latter might have deactivated her Twitter account and Instagram account comment section because she could not handle how ‘he is treating her.’

’Di mo nga mapangatawanan pagiging  sensitive at consistent bf (boyfriend) maging hubby material pa kaya? Magwalwal na lang siya kasama mga babae niya at squad (You cannot even  be consistent in being a sensitive boyfriend, what more for a hubby material? Just go party with your girls and squad,” the Instagram basher added.

With a laughing emoticon, James replied, “Nadine trusts me with anyone. She has nothing to feel jealous of. Sounds like you’re more jealous than her.”

James says that public display of affection is something that Nadine hates. “We like to keep those moments to ourselves… Is privacy too much to ask for?” part of his reply said.

Just recently, James also replied to a netizen’s bashing comment on his Instagram post on August 31.

User @luwsvee.gerg commented that James reactivated the comments section, not caring on the bashers’ below-the-belt comments thrown to his girlfriend. The said netizen labeled it as his ‘hidden agenda.’

James responded by saying that no one has an idea on how strong Nadine is, “It takes more than some foul words to bring her down,” a part of his comment said.

As of writing, Nadine has yet to bring back her Twitter account and Instagram comment section for reasons unknown. She however just posted recently a trip with James and her friends to Mt. Ulap.

Some bashers continued to put words in James’ mouth still pointing that he is not posting the said trip on his account because he ‘did not enjoy it.’