Pia and Marlon celebrates meet-a-versary

By , on September 5, 2017

(Photo: Pia & Marlon's Instagram accounts, edited by PEP)
(Photo: marlonstockinger/Instagram & piawurtzbach/Instagram , edited by PEP)

Rather than a split or break-up, celebrity couple Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger are actually celebrating their first meet-up.

Recently, fans and followers noticed that their photos were deleted in their respective Instagram accounts which prompted them to ask – are they still together?

Met each other in New York exactly a year ago –Pia

1 year ago since we first met –Marlon

Seemingly like a reply to this question by many, the two graced September 5 as an important date in their romantic calendar.

Pia and Marlon posted photos ‘celebrating’ the first time they met at New York on the same date of last year.

Rumors of Pia and Marlon ‘splitting up’ started after it was reported that Marlon is the biological father of twin babies with model Kit Barraquias. Shippers cannot help but feel that the rumors are true when Marlon unfollowed the beauty queen.

Marlon wiped the rumors out in an interview with ABS-CBN, saying that unfollowing was merely a test on how people will react and they just wish to keep things private.

“We are just keeping it private. It’s always good to show everything, a lot a bit in the beginning but what matters is the two of us in the end behind closed doors,” he said in the same interview.

The two admitted their relationship January this year.