Another ‘Tagpuan’ with Kamikazee?

By , on August 28, 2017

#kmkztagpuan #kmkz #bagongkanta #december9 (Photo: Kamikazee/Facebook)
#kmkztagpuan #kmkz #bagongkanta #december9 (Photo: Kamikazee/Facebook)

It has been more than 20 days ever since Filipino band Kamikazee and its members shared a puzzling yet intriguing post on social media, and fans are celebrating like it has been 20 years ever since the band went on hiatus. This time, ‘Tagpuan’ is not just one of Kamikazee’s song, but it is a moment every fan is looking forward to.

Teased as ‘Tagpuan (Rendezvous)’ a song from their ‘Romantico’ album in 2011, fans were thrilled in forming theories and connecting pieces of the puzzle that the band is slowly unveiling.

Mundo’y ating iiwanan
Maaari lang sana
Dito na lang tayo
Sa ating tagpuan

Perhaps just like in one of the lines of their song, this is the moment when fans can unite with the band after waiting a couple of years with only their existing albums and songs as company. Two years without their music, fans were expressive in every post on their official and personal social media accounts, clearly excited to welcome them back to the local music scene.

Matagal na panahon
Magkikita muli
Bagong kanta

Although not much information was disclosed, these three lines were enough to make the more recent post viral.

Paalam sating huling sayaw
May dulo pala ang langit
Kaya’t sabay tayong bibitaw
Sa ating huling sayaw.

Entitled just like their hit song ‘Huling Sayaw,’ Kamikazee held their farewell concert on December 2015, after announcing that they will be in an indefinite hiatus.

But no, it looks like this is not the ‘last dance’ because December is set to appear again as another important month in each and every fan’s calendars; then as an end and now as a beginning. December 9 this year is surely a date to mark for every Kamikazee fan out there.

In 2015, the band announced their plan of hiatus through a Facebook post, which was confirmed through a ‘last gig’ and the farewell concert. This was to give way for their personal lives and to explore things outside their music.

Kamikazee is comprised of Jay Contreras on vocals, Jomal Linao and Led Tuyay on guitars, Puto Astete on bass, and Bords Bordeos on drums.