100 Replies from Laxamana

By , on August 22, 2017

100 Tula Para Kay Stella Poster (Photo: Jason Paul Laxamana/Twitter)
100 Tula Para Kay Stella Poster (Photo: Jason Paul Laxamana/Twitter)

If JC Santos’ character, Fidel was able to write a hundred poems for Bela Padilla’s character, Stella, surely ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’ director Jason Paul Laxamana is able to write a hundred replies to those who commented on his film.

As the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) Audience Choice Award goes to his film, probably the most persistent award goes to its director as he chooses to reply to netizens tweeting on #100TulaParaKayStella

On his twitter account, Laxamana has tweeted several fanarts and work tributes of some iconic scenes and of Fidel and Stella, some photos of ‘all seats taken’ and long lines for his film on movie theaters he has visited, and a bit of personal retweets here and there.

However, what lured the netizens to his account and activity is not just his all-out support and updates for his film but his replies.

Laxamana has retweeted and even thanked some users who gave a thumbs up, and those who shared their emotional sentiments and attachments for his film.

Twitter user SAAKIEL @fyhshq was retweeted for his comment: “100 Tula para kay Stella ba talaga o 100 Luha? Kasi tumagas talaga sa mata ko eh, walang alarm, walang anything. (100 Poems for Stella or 100 tears? Tears really flooded my eyes, no alarm, no anything.)”

Chachi @CharizzeYvonne said: “Higit sa 100 na pasasalamat din sa pagbahagi sa amin ng story ni Fidel at Stella. Daming lesson sa movie. (More than 100 thank you’s for imparting Fidel and Stella’s story to us. Lots of lesson from the movie) 100 claps for you Direk!” which also earned a retweet.

While Cess @cesscabantog’s tweet: “I love it how people applauded after 100 Tula Para Kay Stella ended.” was found in the director’s tweeter account as well.

Unsatisfied remarks and negative comments however received comeback replies from him.

Iggy @iggylona remarked: “Am I the only one who found the poems in “100 Tula Para Kay Stella” (and the movie itself) cringe-worthy? The actors had zero chemistry too.”

Laxamana replied with: “Only a few of you apparently.”

b e t s y @betsyyyy tweeted: “Tbh (To be honest), madaming plot holes sa ending… #100naTulaParaKayStella”

The director’s reply was: “Sige nga (Go ahead). Enumerate”

The tweets quickly turned from critiquing his film to his political stand, and his personality. Laxamana just virtually shrugged these off and continued to provoke his ‘haters.’

According to his tweet accompanied by a laughing emoji: “Dear haters, Ano, inis na inis na kayo (You must be really irritated)?”

Some netizens continued liking his tweets, amused by his courage or by his wit on answering.

Pat @pattpatatas tweeted: “I’m laughing so hard right now hahaha ang dami niyang time mag-reply (he sure does have a lot of time to reply)!”

However, more Twitter users were offended by his ‘ego.’

B @blaziiing said: “Off. Off. Off. Off. Mas madaming directors ang mas matagal na sa industriya pero ‘di katulad ng ugali mo (There are a lot more directors who are longer in the industry but do not have that attitude of yours). Get of Twitter!”

In some of his tweets, Laxamana often mentioned that he ‘chooses’ which criticisms to accept, and these are not just from ‘anybody’ and that if people have the right to ‘dismiss’ his work, he also has t he right to ‘dismiss’ people’s ‘so-called criticism.’

Bea Sacdalan @sacdalan Bea tweeted: “I’d like to understand that you only save your work because that is yours – but really, this type of response to criticism? Disappointing.”

As of writing, Laxamana is still active in his Twitter trip.