Duterte says drug problem is solvable, ‘Patayin ko lang ‘yan lahat’

By , on August 16, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. (PCOO photo)
FILE: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. (PCOO photo)

Claiming that Filipinos are the real victims, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in his speech on Wednesday, said that killing is really the key to solve the country’s ‘biggest’ problem – which is illegal drugs.

Attending Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption’s (VACC’s) 19th founding anniversary, the President reiterated that his two-page speech will not do justice to the ‘victims.’

“Most of you are victims of crime, criminality, and extreme negligence,” he said.

He further said that the country’s drug problem ‘takes a toll on the lives of people whether they are a victim or a criminal,’ which prompted him to start his war against it.

Duterte mentioned that the people should not complain if he always talks about it, as it is the real problem that must be dealt with. In his campaign and upon ascend to presidency, he vowed to end the drug problem in three to six months but he admitted that he spoke from his experience and environment as the mayor of Davao where ‘everybody behaves’ even when he did not ‘direct’ them.

He also admitted that he did not think that the ‘very agency’ he was relying on to help him in his campaign by barring drugs from abroad is actually importing.

However, the President was firm with his stance, “I will be able to solve the problem, patayin ko lang ‘yan lahat (I just have to kill them all),” he said.

’Yung namatay daw kanina sa Bulacan, 32 in a massive raid. Maganda ‘yun. (32 were killed in a massive raid in Bulacan. That’s good,” Duterte said.

It was reported on Tuesday that apart from the 32 deaths recorded to be the highest death toll in his term, 107 were also arrested in the said buy-bust operation.

Duterte said that killing another 32 everyday may reduce the problem that the country is facing and that the people just refused to believe him.

The President said that he is doing this for the next generation.

“You can prosecute me after or now, whatever. You can assassinate me. But it does not really help unless we are all — like persuasion na tapusin talaga natin ito (to finish it) for the next generation,” he said.