PNP: War on drugs, peace and order ‘gaining significant headway’

By , on August 15, 2017

Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Ronald Dela Rosa (PNA Photo)
Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Ronald Dela Rosa (PNA Photo)

ILOILO CITY — Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Ronald Dela Rosa on Monday announced that the government’s all-out war against drugs was moving strong as he vowed to continue the fight until they claim “victory over drugs and crime.”

“We are gaining significant headway in the war on drugs and the peace and order across the nation. We will sustain this momentum with all the energy we can muster,” he said during the celebration of the 116th Police Service Anniversary held at Camp Martin Teofilo Delgado here.

He said the anti-illegal drugs campaign nationwide recorded 1,309, 000 drug surrenderers, around 21, 000 of them from Western Visayas. Likewise, the PNP was able to make 86,030 arrests with 3,264 deaths recorded from 64,527 police operations against hard drug suspects from July 2016 to June 30, 2017.

“The numbers continue to increase. This is unprecedented in the history of the Philippine police service,” he cited.

“The best part is that crime has gone down nationwide, which means we are well on the way to achieving truly safer and more peaceful streets and communities,” he added. However, he reminded the strong police force “not to let our guard down.”

“We are fighting against drug lords and personalities who continue to find ways to spread their illegal trade despite the odds,” he said. He expressed confidence that he has with him a strong police force “who will stop at nothing to eradicate illegal drugs from all corners of our country.”

“And I know that we have right here in PRO6 personnel who are up to the challenge and determined to win this war,” he said.

He added that the 116th celebration of the PNP Service Anniversary became more meaningful as it came “at the time when the nation is at the road to change as advocated by no less than the President.”

“And the PNP is among the crucial players in this change that is now happening across the nation, particularly in the relentless war against illegal drugs, crime and corruption,” he underscored.

In addition to campaign against illegal drugs, he reminded that they were doing internal cleansing of PNP ranks, while at the same time fighting terrorism and insurgency and waging war against illegal gambling.

With the 15-day grace period to end illegal gambling already over, an oversight committee is evaluating who among the regional directors will stay in their respective posts.

He also gave full authority to the regional directors to relieve their provincial and city police directors (PDs/CDs) not performing their tasks.  The PDs also have authority to determine who among their chiefs of police will be removed for their failure to curb illegal gambling.

He likewise added that efforts were being done to cleanse their ranks of scalawags even as he emphasized that “this is the best time to become a member of the PNP” because of the “unlimited” support of the administration.  (PNA)