Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

By on June 4, 2017

Edmonton Filipino Fiesta. (Photo: Edmonton Filipino Fiesta/Facebook)
Edmonton Filipino Fiesta. (Photo: Edmonton Filipino Fiesta/Facebook)

What: Edmonton Filipino Fiesta

Where: Churchill Square

When: June9- 4PM to 10PM, June 10-10AM-10PM, June11- 10AM-5PM

Join us in Churchill Square June 9 to 11, 2017 as we celebrate the second annual Edmonton Filipino Fiesta. The event features three days of Philippine entertainment, arts, crafts and food in the heart of the city.

Edmonton is known as Festival City and well over 40,000 people of Filipino descent call Edmonton home. Filipino Fiestas are meant to be celebrated with lots of family and friends so we look forward to sharing with everyone the culture and traditions of the Philippines!

“Fiesta” means festival and they are a renowned tradition of the Philippines. These joyful and grand events are at the heart of Filipino culture. Held in almost every town and province across the country, fiestas celebrate patron saints, ethnic traditions and important milestones for the local people. They are also about thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and the blessings of a full life.

Fiesta activities always spill into the streets where people of all ages and walks of life take part in parades, processions and other colorful merrymaking. The celebrations aren’t complete without a feast of food, music and dancing!

For more information on Edmonton Filipino Fiesta, go to: www.edmontonfilipinofiesta.com